Who We Are?

Star Agritech International (SAI) is a privately-owned company, established in 2008. SAI supplies Unmanufactured Tobacco and Tobacco Derivatives to privately-owned manufacturers, traders, and government monopolies. SAI has sales offices located in Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, Belgium, Brazil, and Russia. SAI owns and operates two Recon factories - a Slurry type Recon factory in Indonesia and a Nano Fiber Recon Factory in Brazil In addition, SAI grows Cigar Leaf in Cameroon which is one of the best sought types of Tobacco among the premium cigar manufacturers.

Our immediate delivery model is one of our unique brand assets, we have 15 depots around the world and this empowers our team to respond quickly and effectively to the highly competitive global market. Instead of targeting people, we focus on understanding them and their needs. We weigh great importance in offering our customers products with the right features to cater their needs. We have a diverse product portfolio consisting of top - notch tobacco leaf and tobacco derivatives such as: Recon, CRES and DIET. This brings us to what makes us different from our competitors: we believe in consumer-centricity. We do not promote one product over the other instead we advocate products of the highest quality, no matter what they are.


To establish a sustainable supply chain of our products and deliver "Just in Time" to all our clients.


To become the major worldwide supplier of Tobacco and Tobacco derivatives. Progressively diversify into other agricultural commodities in the food chain and contribute towards "Feeding the World"