People have smoked cigarettes for hundreds of years. When Columbus first crossed the Atlantic, he noticed residents of modern-day Cuba using tobacco, and soon brought the plant across the ocean to Europe. This form of smoking spread across the globe over the following centuries.

Today, the cigarette manufacturing machine makes it possible to produce and sell them in large quantities. If you want to make your own cigarettes to sell, then you’ll need a cigarette making machine.

A commercial cigarette rolling or injection machine can produce hundreds of cigarettes in a matter of minutes, making production seem like magic. In fact, you’ll never make it in cigarette manufacturing without a machine.

In this guide, we’ll give you everything you need to know about the cigarette making machine — keep reading to learn more!

The Laws for a Cigarette Making Machine

First, and most importantly, you’ll need to know how to stay legal when using a cigarette making machine for business.

Some tobacco shops found themselves in legal trouble after selling automated cigarette-rolling machines to people without the proper permissions to use them.

Before you start using a cigarette making machine, you need a cigarette manufacturer’s license. Otherwise, you’ll get in trouble yourself for illegal operations. Without this license, you’re only allowed to make cigarettes for personal use — and these machines produce far too many cigarettes for one person to use.

The exact licensing requirements will depend on your state. However, they usually involve submitting an application and a license fee to the proper departments. Some states have options so you can apply either online or by mail.

You might also need to post your license at the proper areas in your business to stay legal.

The History of Cigarettes

How did we go from transporting tobacco across the Atlantic to rolling hundreds of cigarettes per minutes with a machine? Let’s take a quick look at the history of cigarettes and smoking.

Before modern-day cigarettes, people often smoked out of reeds or handmade pipes. Tobacco could also be wrapped in other plants to make it easier to smoke.

When the tobacco plant found its way to Spain, people started to wrap it in maize, and later paper, before smoking it.

Gradually, these early cigarettes traveled around Europe and gained popularity. The name “cigarette” comes from French, but the word caught on in other parts of Europe and became the main English term.

As cigarettes became more popular, manufacturers latched on to their profitability. However, the first cigarette machine actually came from Mexico, where it was patented in 1847. Later inventors refined the original design from Juan Nepomuceno Adorno, creating machines that churned out smokes even faster.

Cigarettes reached what may have been their peak popularity in the 20th century. As the century wore on, increasing reports of cigarette-related health problems caused their popularity to decline.

However, thousands of people still love to smoke, and in the developing world, cigarettes are actually gaining in popularity. This means there’s still plenty of reason to invest in a cigarette machine.

How a Commercial Automatic Cigarette Rolling Machine Works

Before the advent of these machines, it was only possible to make a handful of cigarettes each minute. Rolling machines boosted those numbers: now hundreds of cigarettes could be produced each minute with minimal human labor.

Early cigarette machine designs created a single long cigarette which would then get cut to the proper lengths. Later, the design was refined again to produce individual cigarettes that didn’t need to get cut.

Today, there are two main types of cigarette making machine: the injector and the roller.

An injection machine takes an empty rolled cigarette and injects it with tobacco, compressed to the right density. These produce an even pack and a neat-looking finished product.

Rolling machines, on the other hand, roll up the paper with the tobacco inside all at once.

Should You Buy a New or Used Machine?

If you’re hoping to buy your first cigarette making machine, you might be wondering if a new or used model is right for you.

While you can spend the money to get a new machine, it’s often not worth the extra cost. Cigarette machines are designed to last, so you can get the same performance while saving a lot of money with a used model.

Starting Your Own Cigarette Company

Once you’ve got the machine, you’re poised to start your own successful cigarette company. Here are a few tips to help you succeed.

1. Draft a Business Plan

All businesses start with a great business plan — all successful ones, at any rate.

Your plan should include every step of your business from start to finish. Consider how you’ll pay for your initial cigarette making machine, whether or not you’ll hire employees, and completing all your necessary paperwork before getting started.

Make sure to thoroughly understand the laws in your state before moving forward, so you don’t find yourself in legal trouble later.

2. Build Your Brand

Decide what will set your cigarettes apart, and use that information to build your brand. You might want to also sell other branded merchandise, like lighters or clothing.

3. Plan for the Future

As you grow, you’ll need to learn how to stay competitive.

Research your competitors and figure out how you can set yourself apart. Don’t hesitate to connect with other entrepreneurs, even in different fields, and figure out how they managed their accomplishments.

If you stay focused on growth, attentive to the laws, and put out a great product, your cigarette making machine will bring you a lot of success.

Looking for a Tobacco Supplier?

When you get your cigarette making machine, there’s one important step you can’t neglect: figuring out where to source your tobacco.

A reliable supplier will also help you succeed in the cigarette business world. We can get you what you need — learn more about our products here!