Cut Rag and Processed Tobacco Blends

Cut Rag and Processed Tobacco Blends

Using attentively picked tobacco and keeping up that the keenest eye on processing, " Tobacco Rag has the capability to generate a superior variety of cut rag tobacco. SAI supplies a variety of cut rag options which includes custom blends, house blends and menthol mixes.  Star Tobacco’s products are available in many different price points to match distinct needs of our clients.

Star Tobacco International operates several independent tobacco production facilities and warehouses around the world and thus we can supply large to medium quantities of cut rag efficiently. Our clients can expect fast delivery and quality product. Try our service once and enjoy the best rates and quality in the cut rag tobacco market which is empowered by our privately-owned sourcing facilities and no middle-man policy.

Do You Offer Consultancy in Cut Rag and Blending?

SAI can supply any of your cut rag filler needs to meet certain specs and deliver custom blending requirements. SAI can help you in acquiring and supplying the following blends immediately and can assist you to create a unique blend that your customers would fall in love.

American Blends
British and Canadian Blends
Cigar Blends
Flavored Aromatic Cigar Blends
Pipe Tobacco Mixtures

SAI can also supply cut rag tobacco to clients for the following uses:

Roll Your Own Tobacco (aka. RYO)
Pipe Tobacco
Cigar Tobacco

How Does SAI Achieve the Highest Quality of Cut Rag in The Market?

It all starts with the selection process. Using SAI’s direct sourcing network, we can carefully pick, process and quality control the cut rag tobacco.

Our quality control process increases efficiency and reduces the time necessary to send the merchandise to SAI clients. The quality management process focuses on 2 major purposes:

Promising lab results are accurate and precise; and
Ensuring that erroneous conclusions are detected and not reported, or in the case of GLP studies, all data points are recorded within the audit trail.

To achieve these objectives, we are evaluation lab data to determine if the results are out of a specified range of management. We developed this system to be able to monitor and evaluate the quality of trials being generated and examined, in real time, allowing for early detection of trends or issues within the sample generation and analysis procedures. After gathering the data, we run quality tests on it determining what’s good and what’s not. For Quality Control samples, replicates, tools or standards Are viewed seriously and require an investigation. A formal exploratory Procedure is followed comprising some investigative steps. Research is analyzed and reported. If one to determine an assignable cause, the data is deemed acceptable and the apparent bias ascribed to an extreme example of random variation.

What to Expect

We’ve been supplying exceptional quality cut rag tobacco for 30 years with efficient processing and blending methods. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our sourcing and logistics network is ready for all sorts of challenges. Try our service once and you’ll be hooked immediately. Your business will be saving time and money yet will get to access the best quality cut rag in the market.

At our primary processing facility in Africa, we have what it takes to cut more than 200 million pounds (90,000,000 kg) of tobacco per year. Our high-tech machinery enables us to cut the tobacco in various dimensions and sizes to fit custom market specifications as all markets have different requirements.

I’m Not Sure What to Order, Who Should I Speak To?

If you’re not sure what type of product you should be ordering, simply click here to submit a free consultation request or call us at +90-212-227-9668. Please be ready to give a brief on why you need such products, so we can create a customized experience along with providing solutions accordingly.

Do You Have Consumer-Ready Products?

Unfortunately, our product domain is not suitable for end-consumers. Please note that all our products and services are made for business purposes such as manufacturers, retailers, sellers and distributers. If you consider yourself as an end-user, SAI products are not for you as we trade in large quantities and our products are not  "consumer ready ".