Latest Technological Innovations in Tobacco Farming World

Latest Technological Innovations in Tobacco Farming World

Tobacco like any other agricultural commodity dates back to ancient times; and as farming practices evolved with time, people came up with new methods to grow, process, and sell Tobacco leaves. These methods comprise digital solutions as well as automation technology. Let us explore some of the latest technological innovations in the Tobacco World:

1. Smart Farming

CropIn, an Indian software development company is providing a digitally customized farm management solution. The system helps to make smart choices that improve sustainability, risk management, and farming production while also managing scale and productivity. The technology consists of data storage, artificial intelligence, satellite tracking, and weather forecasting. Moreover, with the use of the app, users may identify the causes of water contamination, child labor, and other audit-related information.

2. E-Auction System

For marketing purposes, farmers’ Tobacco sales can take place on auction floors organized by local Tobacco Boards. The Tobacco Board of India introduced electronic devices which display features such as the weight and grade of Tobacco. The bidding process takes around 4-5 seconds for the sale of each bale (the bale consists of max. of 150kg tobacco). to transparency and avoid potential errors during the sale. This technology enhances transparency in the auction proceedings and decreases the errors which can occur during a manual auction system.

3. New Robots: Cobots

Tobacco is a labor-intensive commodity starting from its farming going through processing and ending in the packaging. A collaborative robot, also known as a cobot, is a robot designed for direct human-robot interaction in a shared environment or when both people and robots are present. Cobots can be used to automate the following tasks:

  • Pick & Place
  • Case Packing
  • Palletizing
  • Quality Control

Technology has touched every industry and with these innovations it is clear that Tobacco is for sure not lagging behind. Even though the Tobacco industry is declining every year due to worldwide regulations, it is still strong and its practices are developing every day.