Press Release

Press Release

A Passion for Excellence: Star Agritech International Announces Start of Construction on Tobacco Green Leaf Threshing Line.Istanbul Türkiye 

Star Agritech International, a leading provider of premium agricultural products and services, is pleased to announce the start of construction on a new Tobacco green leaf threshing line at its Muş (Mush) facility. The state-of-the-art production line will incorporate the latest technology to provide customers with high-quality green Tobacco leaf processing services. The project investment amount is estimated to be 12 million dollars. 

"We are excited to commence construction on our new Tobacco green leaf threshing line," said Dr. Iqbal Lambat, CEO and President "This new line will represent our dedication to using innovative technology to offer our customers the highest standard of Tobacco processing services possible."

The new Tobacco green leaf threshing line will use advanced equipment to process Tobacco leaves rapidly and efficiently, including conveyors, shredders, separators, and state-of-the-art drying chambers. Once completed, the new line will offer the capability to process 10 tons of Tobacco leaves per hour to increase Star Agritech International's production capacity to satisfy customers' needs.

The new production line will create job opportunities for the local community, and Star Agritech International is taking an environmentally conscious approach to the project. The production line will be environmentally friendly, and the new plant will reduce energy consumption and waste production and improve the ecological performance of Star Agritech International.

"The new Tobacco green leaf threshing line is a significant investment for Star Agritech International, which offers our customers exceptional Tobacco processing services," added Mustafa Tütüncü, the CCO of SAI. "We are pleased to begin this new project, and our company anticipates supporting the local community's economic development by opening job opportunities through this project."

Construction is expected to finish by September 2023, and Star Agritech International intends to commence the operation of its new line shortly thereafter.

About Star Agritech International:

Star Agritech International is a privately owned corporation that was established in 2008. SAI supplies unmanufactured Tobacco and Tobacco derivatives to its customers. SAI’s mission is to service Small and Medium-sized companies exclusively. The company is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, and has been expanding its global operations. Their recent expansion projects include building a recon factory in Tunisia, opening an office in the United States, and constructing a Tobacco green leaf threshing line at their facility in Turkey.

For additional information on Star Agritech International or their new Tobacco green leaf threshing line, please contact Hüseyin Aydemir, the Project Manager of SAI.’’[email protected]’’ and Büke Günay the Group Marketing and External Communications Manager of SAI. “[email protected].”

This press release emphasizes the high-quality equipment, innovative technology, and environmental practices used in construction.


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